50 Black LGBTQ Winners Who Are Helping Others Win: #12 Tiq Milan

In 2014, National Youth Pride Services changed it’s mission, vision and values and decided to go in a different direction. We acknowledged all the great work other organizations were doing and decided that we wanted to promote nothing but positivity and the advancement of all black LGBTQ young adults. From this, our “One Shining Moment” Campaign began. We were on a mission to help those that we call “serial strugglers” (people who were trying to get it right, but through no fault of their own sometimes, endured setbacks that kept them back – repeatedly). With our belief that “winners help others win” we began our, now popular, life development series that have already helped many move from living ordinary to extraordinary lives. Those young people in turn, went out to help someone else out.

One by one, we saw how we were slowing but surely helping black LGBTQ people lift each other up, as opposed to tearing each other down or competing with one another. But we are not the only ones working to uplift and empower our people. So our online magazine (available on our app) will quickly introduce you to 50 winners who are also helping others win in their own way. We hope the small introductions we do on each person, will simply show the BIG impact they are making on others.


526896_10151587154857780_1831221584_nTiq Milan is the Senior Media Strategist of National News at GLAAD. He’s media trained national advocates like CeCe McDonald and Geena Rocero, helping develop messaging and best practices for crafting their stories and maxamizing impact. He also strategizes with national news media outlets about fair and accurate reporting on transgender people  and builds media capacity with other lgbt organizations. He is a national spokesperson for the organization discussing the latest developments in transgender rights on CNN’s Reliable Resources, The Katie Couric Show and MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily to name a few.

Tiq has also been deeply involved with LGBT youth in New York city for the last decade. Before joining GLAAD, he was a mentor and teacher at the Hetrick-Martin Institute, an LGBT youth service organization. He ran the Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Service program, an intense intervention aimed at creating healthy relationships around sex and sexuality for homeless and out of home gay and transgender youth. He build workshops around self-esteem, intersectionality, and sex positivity as a means to grow self-awareness. He has spoken about LGBT issues at high schools across New York city and  has been a guest lecture at Lehmen College in the MSW program for the last 3 years discussing gender and sexuality with graduating social workers.

Source: Tiqmilan.com

Looking to shine in 2014? Attend one of our Regional Retreats and Events where we bring our One Shining Moment campaign to life. Leave inspired, uplifted and motivated and be surrounded by other black LGBTQ young adults from your region. Visit here for more information.

Are you a winner looking to help someone else win? Consider making a donation to sponsor someone to attend one of our regional events here




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